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Life presents many stresses and challenges including physical and emotional trauma which can affect how we move,breathe,think,cope, and relate to ourselves and others. Movement4life offers healing solutions to help you live with more ease, relieve chronic pain and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Rolf Bodywork is a hands on transformational process of 10 sessions designed to help relieve chronic pain, improve mobility and flexibility, increase breathing capacity, improve athletic performance and create greater self confidence. Clients often feel lighter and appear slimmer and taller. The benefits are often felt and noticed immediately. The changes in the structure are ongoing and progressive.  The body continues to integrate long after the series is complete.

Sound Healing is a passive calming therapy that helps to induce a deeply relaxed state of meditation and general well-being. Sound Healing can be experienced individually in person or by phone, as a couple, or in a group workshop.

Movement Education is essential to integrate the benefits of Rolf Bodywork. Biomechanical efficiency is taught in these sessions helping you to move more freely. Learn more about your balance, breathing techniques and how to move energy through your body.

Creative Visualization helps you focus upon achieving your goals by harnessing the power of your mind. Learn how to use mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in your life. These sessions can be combined with Rolf Bodywork, Sound Healing and Movement Education or experienced individually in person or by phone.

Be well, happy and live passionately!

What Clients Say:

  • Jared has given me hope of healing that the constant pain over time has taken away. I feel like a new person. With a better posture it became easier to breathe, and I feel more stable and grounded.  I would heartily recommend his work to others.
    Larry Miller

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